A Helpful Guide to Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening Products (2024)

A Helpful Guide to Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening Products (1)

There are many ways to go about whitening your smile, but not all methods or products are created equal. If you have tried ineffective products in the past or you want to remove stains for the first time, you may still be looking for the best teeth whitening products for your needs. This guide will tell you what to purchase for the most effective whitening results. You will also find out the answer to an important question, “Is teeth whitening safe?” and learn more about which products are the most gentle on your teeth and gums.

Shop for Safe, Gentle Whitening Products

Many of today’s teeth whitening products are made with the bleaching agent hydrogen peroxide or a chemical known as carbamide peroxide. The American Dental Association (ADA) says that whiteners with peroxide agents can be both safe and effective for removing both extrinsic surface stains and intrinsic tooth stains below the surface of the tooth enamel. There are ways to help prevent possible adverse effects from teeth whitening, such as gum irritation and tooth sensitivity:

  • Use gentle whitening products: Shop for items that are described as gentle on your mouth and gums. Take a look at each brands’ website information and packaging for more information. The most reliable products have been clinically tested. They will also note that they are clinically proven to be both gentle and effective.
  • Talk to a dental professional: If you have questions about whitening your teeth, start by talking to a dentist. They can help to evaluate your tooth and gum health to see if a whitening regimen is right for you.
  • Follow product instructions: When it is time to whiten your teeth, be sure to follow all product instructions. Most whitening kits recommend that you avoid a whitening regimen while you are pregnant or nursing. It is also important to know that peroxide does not bleach restorations like veneers or crowns, so save your whitening toothpaste and strips for your natural tooth enamel.

Enjoy Gentle Whitening with Our Whitening Kits

  • Look for quality ingredients: For the most gentle whitening experience, select those peroxide-based whitening products that are made with gentle formulas and quality ingredients. Our GO SMILE whitening kits are proven to give you a whiter smile with no sensitivity. Products like our teeth whitening gel and stain erasers will whiten your teeth safely with no discomfort of the teeth or gums. Our ingredients have been tested at Columbia University in clinical studies for both safety and efficacy, so you can rest assured that you are using a high-quality product.

A Helpful Guide to Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening Products (2)

Use the Most Effective Whitening Kits

Now that you know how to choose safe and gentle teeth whitening tools, they must be effective for your personal needs. The best whitening products are also convenient enough to fit into your daily routine. GO SMILE whitening kits and products will get you the results you desire.

In a clinical study at Columbia University, our Extreme White kit showed that participants’ teeth on average got almost two shades whiter after just one application. Clinical trials showed that our teeth whitening gel achieved 57 percent better whitening results and whitened teeth four times faster than using a comparison whitening toothpaste containing peroxide. You will find results like these with all of our GO SMILE products. The key is to find the right combination of items for your ideal whitening regimen.

Consider Your Lifestyle and Personal Whitening Needs

Think about your lifestyle and where you need to take care of your teeth. If you are always on the go because you travel for work or like to attend events, you are sure to love our travel-size toothpaste and gels. They offer the effective and gentle formula in a convenient, TSA-friendly package. Our teeth whitening pen will fit into your purse or pocket while making your enamel look shades whiter after just seven days of use. Some of our other favorite on the go whitening products include our stain eraser multipacks and our compact stain eraser tins.

If you are searching for something comprehensive and effective that you can use at home, be sure to complement your portable whitening with a complete whitening kit. Developed by dentists, GO SMILE full whitening kits make it easy to remove stains and brighten your smile in a way that is comfortable for you. Choose from our Dental Pro Whitening Kit complete with a toothbrush with patented blue light wave technology and teeth whitening gel with Hyperox™ Technology.

Enjoy unmatched whitening results and touchless convenience with our . We even have products to replace your current toothbrush and whitening toothpaste. Whatever combination of products works for you, you will know that you will achieve a new smile with ease and confidence.

Brighten Teeth with Our Whitening Toothpaste

A Helpful Guide to Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening Products (3)

Choose a Trusted Brand with GO SMILE

When it comes to choosing beauty and wellness products, it is always important to do your research. GO SMILE has been brightening smiles for 20 years. Our U.S.-made whitening products with clean and cruelty-free ingredients mean you will have no sensitivity and peace of mind. You are also sure to enjoy your results.

Take a look at our teeth whitening gels, toothpastes and travel products to see which combination of convenient, gentle and effective items can brighten your smile, lift persistent stains and give you more confidence about your appearance. We also invite you to try one of our all-in-one whitening kits. When you do all that you can to take care of your teeth, you are sure to achieve a beautiful, brighter smile.

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A Helpful Guide to Choosing the Best Teeth Whitening Products (2024)


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